Dear Friends, We cordially invite you to a Club shows with entering titles CAC, CAC, BOB, BOS, CC EFSPC, Club Winner held on Saturday, on June 8, 2019 and Sunday, on June 9, 2019.

Club Shows will be held as usual at the pension Pribenice. This year's Club Shows will be judged by Mrs. Martina Kucerova and Mr. Miroslav Vaclavik from Czech Republic. Here at the Web site you can find the propositions, registration, reservation for accommodations, map of arrival and other relevant information.

Please try to maximize the use of ONLINE WEB APPLICATIONS! You will save your money for the postage, in just a few minutes you will get email confirmation of your application and thus the overall data processing will be much easier for us.

CC EFSPC (Certificate Challenge European Federation of Shar-pei clubs) - certificate can be obtained only members of EFSPC / Shar-pei club CZ
CLUB WINNER - title can be obtained only members of Shar-pei clubu CZ (> here is a club membership application < )




Friday 7.6.2019

Saturday 8.6.2019

Sunday 9.6.2019

15:00 - individual arrival, accommodation 08:00 - veterinary check 08:00 - veterinary check
( we recommend early reservation because the dog show is in high demand ) 09:15 - opening of the dog show 09:15 - opening of the dog show
  09:30 - judging 09:30 - judging
  13:30 - defiles, final contests 13:30 - defiles, final contests
  13:45 - certification dogs for breeding ( only Shar-pei club members )  
  14:00 - ceremony club champions, top shar-pei  
  15:00 - membership meeting ( only Shar-pei club members )  
The organizer has the right to change the timetable according to the current situation